What Do All Of The Home Security System Terms Mean?

If you have been looking for home security systems, you may be confused by all of the terms that are used by security personnel. There are many terms that are easy to understand once you know what they mean, and it will often be a matter of time before you are using these terms yourself.

One of the terms you may hear frequently is the panel. A panel is the place where all of the circuit boards are kept or you may think of this better as the brains of your system. The battery is also stored here as well. Your panel for your system may be placed in a closet area or somewhere else that is out of plain view but can still be accessed easily.

The keypad is the term that defines the area where you arm and disarm your system and type in any codes. There also may be several zones to your security system and some of your security may be in zone 1 or zone 2, this helps you to break up your security so you can describe things better.

The term user code, master code, or installer code is the codes you will use for a arming and disarming your system. You will also use other codes and they are normally four digits.

Away arming refers to setting your system for the times you are not there and no one else is there either. Stay arming is for when you are in the home and want the house secured. The terms hard wired and pre wired may also come up and hard wired means that each component of your security is wired into a panel. Pre wired means that the home you live in is ready for security and all of the necessary wires are already in place. There are also wireless devices that work without using any wires and a hybrid means it is both wireless
and hardwired.

Line seizure means that if your security system needs to access your phone lines that all other programs will be terminated so the system can access your phone line without interruption. Cellular monitoring
is a back up to land lines and will use your cell phone as the means of communication.

There are many other terms you may want to familiarize with and you can find many resources that will help you understand them all. You need to be knowledgeable about your own security so you know how to fully operate and maintain your system.

Summary: If you are confused about the terms that go with home security, you are not alone. There are many terms that you should familiarize yourself with. If you are knowledgeable you will be able to find a good system that you know a lot about. You can learn much more now about all of the security terms you should know.


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