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It is important to feel safe in your home. You should be able to go to sleep at night and not have to worry about a criminal breaking into your home or dying in a home that catches fire. These are concerns that face many people today, but there is a simply solution that can give you peace of mind from them. Add an ADT system to your Paradise Valley AZ home and finally feel safe.

ADT security systems are amazing for so many reasons. Unlike other security companies, ADT employees their own monitoring staff. This is important because you know you are paying to have trained employees monitoring your safety. Most of the ADT staff have years of experience monitoring and protecting families just like yours from many different situations, so you know you are getting the best monitoring possible.

Also, ADT has five different monitoring stations that have the latest and best technology. With the best technology and the best trained employees, you should feel safe knowing you are in good hands. The five monitoring centers are running 24 hours a day/7 days a week, so no matter what time a situation occurs, ADT will be monitoring it and ready to react at a moment’s notice.

The primary reason many people get a home security system is to protect them from criminals, and ADT effectively does that. By simply placing the ADT stickers in your windows and adding the sign to your yard, you are sending a message to criminals that your house is being protected and many criminals will avoid your house for that reason alone!

The systems do more than just protect you from criminals; they are also there for you in case of a fire or a medical emergency. If your house catches on fire, the second the smoke detector goes off the ADT staff will be alerted of the fire and will call the fire department immediately. If there is a medical emergency, such as someone having a heart attack, you can push a button on the ADT keypad and they will call for medical assistance.

All of that is good, but the best thing about an ADT system is the price! You can have an ADT system installed for $99 in your home and begin to have a reliable and experienced company monitoring your home today.

With experienced staff using the best technology to monitor your home 24/7, protecting you from many different situations, and providing it all for $1 per day, what are you waiting for? Call ADT now and schedule an installation today. After a quick and easy setup you can sleep safe at night knowing your Paradise Valley home is being protected by ADT.

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