How To Determine Where Your Security Weaknesses Are

When you think about home security you know that you need a system, but you may not know where thieves most commonly break into a home. There are numerous points in your home that are more of a target than others.

The front door is the most common place where thieves try to penetrate. This is where you need to focus your attention and the major force of your security. You want to make sure that your security system adequately protects your front door with motion detectors located in this location. There are many other things you need to do to provide security to your front door.

You want to make sure that your front door is not a good hiding place. You want to make sure that any brush or trees that may be around the door are trimmed and do not create a hiding place. You can also add quick security with good lighting. Lighting can be placed on timers or you can use solar lighting that does not require you to remember to turn it on.

First floor windows are the second most common place where thieves break in. You want to make sure that your window security is up to par. You may want to have sensors on all first floor windows that will alert you if they are opened.

Windows should also be very visible and not hidden by trees or bushes. You may also want to consider some type of lighting for this area and solar lighting is also a good choice. If you protect your windows with your home security you will also be alerted if small children or teenagers try to open the windows.

Many people feel as though there back door is safe, especially if you have some type of fencing in your backyard. The back door is a prime location for thieves to gain entry into your home and it needs outstanding security also. You will want to give your back door the same importance as your front door to have good security and protect this area.

Your garage and basement are also areas that need security and often many expensive items are kept in both the garage and basement area. You should make sure that the security system you purchase provides enough security to cover both of these locations.

Security for your entire home is very important, but there are several areas that you need to focus on. A burglary can happen at any time and you do not want to wait until you become a victim to start addressing your own security.

Summery: There are several hot spots in your home that need extra security. If you address each one, you will quickly be on your way to having full security.


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