The Most Commonly Stolen Items From A Residence During Break In

Everyone knows that home security is important, however many people are unaware of the most commonly stolen items in a burglary.

The most stolen item in a home burglary is cash. It is amazing how many people hide their cash and think they have a location in their home that nobody will ever find. This is true except for one person, the burglar.

They know where to look and they scour rooms for anywhere that would provide a hiding place and they are often times are very successful.

If you do keep large amounts of cash in your home, you need to store it in a safe and make sure that you have a good security system that will protect it. You may want to check into providing extra security near the place where you do store cash.

Tools and other building supplies is the second most stolen item. Most people store their tools in the garage and this area needs complete protection to make sure that any tools you have will not be in a pawn shop anytime soon.

You can place motion detectors in the garage area and even security cameras. Bicycles are another commonly stolen item and you can protect your bikes by protecting your garage. You need to make sure that you protect this area at night also.

Home electronics are often stolen in a home burglary. There are many new and exciting electronics on the market and thieves can easily turn them around and make a profit very quickly.

Motion detectors should be placed in areas of your home that contain a large amount of electronics and you will want to protect the entrances and exits to your home to ensure that a thief will never gain entry.

If you do have a safe you may want to consider keeping any jewelry including heirlooms in this place. A thief may take a piece of jewelry from you and sell it for a couple of hundred dollars on the street, but this same piece of jewelry may be priceless to you if it was inherited from someone that is important to you.

Deterrence is the best protection and you may want to boast about your security with yard signs or window stickers. If a thief knows you have strong security, the chances are they will not target your home. They will move on and target a less secured location.

Summary: There are many items in your home that are on the most commonly stolen list. If you know what these items are, you will gain the tools to know how to protect them. Security should be a major concern to every homeowner. You can find out more about protecting your home and most valuable assets.


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