VOIP And Home Security Monitoring Defined

If you are thinking of switching to a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), and you are interested in an alarm system, you may want to be very careful. Some of the home security systems are not compatible with VOIP and you do not want to have a system that you cannot use after you make a purchase.

VOIP is where you use your broadband line for your home phone service rather than a land line. This can save a homeowner considerably on their phone bill as it is normally considerably cheaper than a traditional land line, but you may not be able to find adequate security that is compatible with a VOIP line.

If you want to use a VOIP line, you will want to make sure that your home security dealer understands this and that they can find security that will be compatible.

This may prove to be more of a challenge than you once thought and you may want to consider sticking with a land line if you have not made the switch so you can have the security that you want and need.

If you want to use VOIP, you may want to choose security that can be used with cellular signals or radio signals. You can have security either of these ways and you will want to get with a security professional to define which way will work best for you.

VOIP security can also leave you without any security if there is a power outage. If the power goes out for any reason and all you have is VOIP, your house will be unsecure for the duration of the power outage making you very vulnerable.

If you have an outage that lasts more than a couple of hours, you may create a situation that can be very dangerous.

If you have fire, flood, or carbon monoxide protection with your alarm system these services will also be interrupted and a fire can happen during a power outage in a very short amount of time and you will not have the security you are used to.

A power outage is an opportunistic time for a tragedy to happen and you do not want to be without any protection.
VOIP may seem like a cheaper way to have home service, but it can greatly affect your security.

Before you make the switch from land line to VOIP you may want to make sure that any security you have or are interested in will not be affected.

Summary: VOIP is a new way to have home phone service but it can affect your home security. You may want to consider sticking with a land line to ensure that you have the best home security. There may be alternatives to a land line that you can explore.

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