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What Is ADT Pulse?

ADT Pulse is a suite of comprehensive services that include remote security features, home automation, video monitoring, and comfort control. As you can’t always be nearby your home’s security control module, the ADT Pulse app allows you to control these features through your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

ADT Pulse Features

With ADT Pulse, you can control the following features from the palm of your hand.


Remote Arm & Disarm

Remotely arm and disarm your home’s security system with the ADT Pulse app from anywhere.

You can even create a schedule for arming and disarming your ADT monitored security system around your regular routine.


Video Surveillance

Monitor your home from anywhere in the world with the ADT Pulse app.

  • View live video of your property from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Switch between cameras for a full view of your property
  • Receive notifications when unusual activity occurs
  • Store ADT Pulse video clips to view later

Choose from a number of different ADT Pulse cameras to create the best surveillance system for your unique property. This includes day/night cameras that have no problem recording in the dark.



Control access to your home through any wireless device or computer using ADT Pulse.

  • Remotely lock and unlock your doors from anywhere
  • Receive alerts whenever your door is locked/unlocked
  • Check on your home’s lock status at anytime

Thanks to the ADT Pulse door lock feature, you never again need to provide spare keys or give out your garage code to allow cleaners, repair people, etc. to access your home.


Garage Door Control

Even though it’s your house’s biggest door, it’s all too easy to leave your garage door open by accident, giving criminals a wide-open opportunity. Garage door controller helps make it easy to keep this from ever happening.

  • Open and close your garage door through your wireless device no matter where you are
  • Receive notifications anytime your garage door is in use
  • Create an automated schedule so your garage door automatically closes at night

Best of all, the physical component of this installation only requires your current garage door opener, an electric outlet, and an adapter to begin working with ADT Pulse right away.


Video Doorbell

According to the FBI, intruders use the front door to break in 34% of the time. With the Ring® Video Doorbell and ADT Pulse, you can better protect this vital access point.

  • Watch live video of who’s at your front door
  • Speak with them through your smartphone
  • Lock/unlock your door
  • Turn on your home’s lights

One of the real benefits of using the Ring® Video Doorbell with your Pulse security app is that you can make strangers think you’re home when you’re not. You can turn on the lights and speak with them as if you’re simply in another room.


Temperature Control

With a purchase of a Learning Thermostat, you can keep comfortable no matter what the temperature does outside and without ever having to get up.

  • Adjust your home’s temperature on any wireless device
  • Create a schedule so the temperature changes based on your lifestyle
  • Check your energy history to stay on top of how much you use and look for ways to save

Automatically adjust the temperature in your home whenever you leave – so you’re not paying to heat or cool an empty house.



Turn your lights on and off, or dim and brighten them through the ADT Pulse app. This convenient feature will also help keep your home more secure, too.

  • Automate your home’s lighting so it looks occupied even when you’re away
  • Create protocols for lights to turn on (e.g. if a motion sensor is triggered)
  • Set lights to turn on anytime you enter a room

The next time you’re away from home longer than expected, you can simply use the ADT Pulse security app to adjust your lighting, so would-be intruders have no idea your house is empty.


Voice Control

ADT Pulse was designed with biometric voice recognition. This means it will recognize your voice and follow the commands you give it, from turning on your lights to unlocking your doors.

  • Navigate through the entire ADT Pulse with virtually no manual prompts
  • Auditory feedback confirms your commands were received and acted upon
  • Three security checkpoints ensure only commands you give are followed

The voice control feature also makes it incredibly easy for people who are visually impaired to enjoy all the benefits of ADT Pulse.

Custom Settings

Your home’s security and comfort settings should be just as unique as your home itself. No two people will have the same preferences, so ADT Pulse lets users create custom settings for all of their features.

ADT Pulse’s custom settings ensure that the entire system works around your lifestyle – not the other way around.

Burglary Monitoring

ADT Pulse is more than just an app. It also involves the hardware and expertise required to help protect your property from burglars.

A user-friendly security panel works with strategically-placed motion detectors to ensure intruders don’t go unnoticed.

Fire & Smoke Monitoring

Early detection is critical to keeping your family and home safe from fire and smoke, but ADT Pulse provides more than just smoke detectors.

With ADT Pulse, you can plan for the worst by setting up automatic triggers. For example, you could set it up so – in the case of a fire – the system will automatically turn off your A/C to limit the circulation of smoke and unlock doors so it’s easy for people to get outside.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Carbon monoxide is colorless, tasteless, odorless, and non-irritating, which is why you need ADT Pulse to help keep your family safe from it.

We outfit our CO detection systems with a battery backup, too, so your family will remain protected even during a power outage.

Flood Monitoring

Whether due to severe weather or a problem with your home’s pipes, flooding can cause serious damage. ADT Pulse can help prevent the amount of water damage you’ll experience.

Even if a flood were to knock down phone lines, ADT will keep your system connected so your family remains safe.

Control Your Home’s Vital Features Wherever You Are

ADT Pulse can give you peace of mind knowing your home and family are safe and being able to check just to make sure. Before long, you’ll wonder how you managed before you could control your home’s temperature, create lighting schedules, and do so much more to customize your living experience.

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