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Now you and your family can have the peace of mind you deserve with a state-of-the-art ADT monitored home security system valued at $850 working for you 24/7! And if you call now, you can get a Free Security System with 6 doors or windows protected professionally installed for just $99!

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6 Free Sensors For Your ADT System
Get a state-of-the-art wireless security system that protects a total of 6 doors and windows installed for $99 only. That’s 2 times the protection offered by most of our competitors. To get a comparable security system from the other guys, you would have to pay an additional $200 to $300 out-of-pocket.

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2 Free Remotes For Your ADT System
Get 2 keychain remotes so you and a second family member easily operate the security system from anywhere on your property (up to 200) feet away and in case of an emergency sound the siren immediately and dispatch the police with just the press of a single button.

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As a homeowner in the Los Angeles, California area, you know that crime and unwanted burglaries are part of everyday life. But you can take preventative action against would-be criminals by having a security system from ADT monitored security services installed. Ask about next day installation when you call 1-866-946-8419 today!

Los Angeles Burglaries Could Be Avoided With A Home Security System

Police have begun calling the Los Angeles thieves the “Hillside Burglars” in this news clip from March 16, 2013, at left.  According to an officer, over a 3 year period, burglars committed “over 150 crimes,” accounting for “over 10 million dollars in losses”.

Thankfully, police have a break in the case, thanks to DNA left at the crime scene. You can avoid this situation by installing an ADT monitored security system in your home.  Why become a statistic? Why put your home and family at risk?

Call 1-866-946-8419 today and you could have your system installed within a day or two!

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24/7 Monitoring
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24 Hours Monitoring Without A Landline Phone

CellGuard is a digital cellular back-up technology that enables your home security system to communicate with ADT’s monitoring centers. This option is best for customers who do not have a land line phone or wish to have the additional security of a cellular phone backup.

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2-Way Voice
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Talk To ADT Dispatch From Your Keypad
Two-Way-Voice lets central station listen in and talk to you when a signal is received, verifying an emergency and reducing the risk of false alarms.

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ADT Pulse®
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Arm and Disarm Your System From Any Phone And Anywhere

Remote Phone Control keeps you connected by allowing you to remotely operate your security system from any phone – from your cell, office, or anywhere in the world!

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Los Angeles, California Crime Statistics

While the number of burglaries in Los Angeles is down (17,264 in 2011 vs. 20,359 in 2008) as reported by the FBI, home security still remains a primary concern for LA residents.  At an average of 47 burglaries each day, there's no reason not to protect yourself with a home security system from ADT.
Pop. (2011)Violent
* Crime statistics from the 2011 FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR)

Chances Of Becoming A Home Invasion Victim In Los Angeles

Without a security system...
1 in
With a security system...
1 in

It might seem surprising, but LA is actually one of the safer cities in California, based on it’s population. That being said, there are still 17,264 burglaries as reported by the FBI’s UCR for 2011. With the added security that a home alarm system provides, you can reduce your chances of becoming a home invasion victim by investing in round the clock monitored security* from ADT.


How Much Do Burglaries Cost LA Residents Each Year?

Over 37 million dollars is lost by Los Angeles area homeowners each year to theft. Shocking as it may seem, these thefts could be avoided by the installation of a home alarm system from your locally authorized ADT dealer.

Why wait? Call 1-866-946-8419 and relax tonight, knowing you’re supported by America’s #1 home security company.

Yearly Average Cost Of Burglaries
Just think, you could surround your home with armored guards for that kind of money! Or, you could invest in ADT monitoring services.

ADT Savings, Protections, & Guarantees

Save Up To 20%

On Your Home
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Save Up To 20% On Your Homeowner's Insurance Premium

After you sign up for ADT monitored home security, we provide your insurance agent with a certificate detailing your level of protection. Combining both fire and burglary protection gives you the maximum allowable discount of up to 20%.

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Theft Protection Guarantee*
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$500 Theft Protection Guarantee

If your home is broken into and you suffer a loss while your home alarm system is armed, ADT will pay you up to $500 toward your homeowner's insurance deductible. Certain restrictions apply and must be met to be eligible.

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ADT Home Alarm
Service Guarantee*Learn More
Money Back Guarantee

ADT offers you a six month money back guarantee if you encounter a service problem and are not satisfied with your home security system. ADT will remove the system from your home and return all of your money including up front charges and monthly payments. Certain restrictions apply.

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Los Angeles Home Security In The News

Even celebrities could take advantage of ADT monitored home security packages. Just check out this article in the LA Times from 2009 that describes multiple break-ins by 4 teenage girls. The homes of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, and Audrina Patridge were all broken into and items were stolen by four area teenagers, who took the time to plan their crimes carefully.

“According to Los Angeles police…the group [of teenagers] figured out where the celebrities lived and, after casing the homes, broke in and took what they wanted..”

You would think that celebrities would take the precaution of protecting their valuables with an alarm system, but that was apparently not the case in these instances. You won’t want to make this mistake yourself. Sometimes, it’s easy to be lulled into a false sense of security because you live in a high-end area, but this case makes it clear that even those living in the richest of neighborhoods can fall prey to a burglary.

So, where do you turn if you want to protect your home from a would-be criminal? ADT monitored security services.

ADT monitored security has long since been the industry leader in home security and home alarm systems since the company was founded in 1874. From those humble beginnings over 100 years ago, they have built a reputation for being America’s #1 provider of reliable, fully-installed home security systems. Call 1-866-946-8419 to get signed up today!

Steps To Protect Your Home From Burglary

The LAPD recommends you take some of the following steps in order to protect your house and loved ones:

Put quality deadbolt locks on all of your entry doors
Put high-quality locks on each of your home’s windows
Trim any plants or shrubs that hide entry points – this helps neighbors see anyone who might be attempting a break-in while you are on vacation

Use your exterior lights (floodlights are best) to deter burglars – especially at night

Getting a dog is also a great way of scaring off a potential burglar whether you are at home or not. Check with your nearest police department for additional tips or take matters into your own hands by having a home alarm system installed. When you purchase your system from ADT monitored security, you can relax and let America’s home security leader protect your home. Call 1-866-946-8419 for details and info!

Get more crime safety tips by reading our articles.

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