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  • Free 6 Sensors (3 more than the other guys)
  • Free 2 Keychain Remotes ($258 value)
  • Professional Next-Day Installation (subject to availability)
  • Local Service Technicians
  • 24/7 Security from $9/week

*With $99 customer installation charge and purchase of alarm monitoring services.

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Choose a good alarm system for your home in Newman, GA

If you live or work in or near Newman, GA you may have a need for a good alarm system. In general, the best alarm system is only as good as the company which stands behind it which is why ADT security in Newman, GA is the one to consider. Here are some key reasons why:

ADT security is one of the largest and most respected alarm companies in the world. They have been in existence for many years and have established a worldwide reputation for quality, innovation, and outstanding customer service.

You will receive the same level of service and support locally from ADT security. The equipment offered was developed by ADT home security and features state of the art performance and reliability. Trained professionals will install and configure this equipment to provide the utmost in protection.

There are many sensors which can detect break-ins, fire, smoke, water or carbon monoxide. The systems are even designed to allow you to send personnel immediately in case of an emergency.

The systems also have some wonderful enhancements such as a keyless remote you can use to trigger the alarm if you are surprised or threatened by intruders. It will send out a signal to the central monitoring station telling the trained personnel there to immediately send help to your home or business.

These kinds of capabilities just aren’t available on most other systems and it is one of the things which set ADT security apart from the competition. And the level of professionalism and training from ADT home security personnel is very impressive as well.

From knowledgeable sale professionals to trained installation technicians, the folks from ADT security will make sure your alarm system works in the best possible manner very reliably.

An integral part of any good alarm system is a central monitoring capability. ADT maintains a large network of such centers manned by highly trained personnel who can respond to problems at your home or business quickly and effectively. If an alarm is triggered, they will determine the cause and then send appropriate personnel to respond.

If you put it all together, you can quickly see that ADT home security offers state of the art equipment installed by trained personnel. In addition, this equipment is connected to reliable and responsive central monitoring stations. And if there are problems, they will get taken care of quickly and effectively. Put it all together and you can quickly see why ADT security in Newman, GA is the company of choice in that area.

Newnan, GA Crime Statistics

The FBI’’s Unified Crime Report gathers information from police districts all over the country. As you can see from the chart below, there were 1,035 property crimes in Newnan in 2015, of which 186 were burglaries. But you can help avoid becoming a statistic when you make the decision to invest in a home security system.

Pop. (2011)Violent
* Crime statistics from the 2015 FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR)

Your Likelihood Of Becoming A Burglary Victim in Newnan, GA

As of 2015, Newnan had a population of 36,954 people, making it Georgia’s 19 largest city. Studies* show that homes with security systems are 3 times less likely to be burglarized than homes without security systems. The smart decision, therefore, is to protect your home with ADT security system.


Without a security system…

1 in


With a security system…

1 in


What Is The Average Loss In A Newnan, GA Burglary?

The average loss in a burglary in the United States is $2,316, based on crime statistics compiled by the FBI. That means the total annual loss for Whittier homeowners is a whopping $430,776!

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