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  • Free Home Alarm System ($850 value)
  • Free 6 Sensors (3 more than the other guys)
  • Free 2 Keychain Remotes ($258 value)
  • Professional Next-Day Installation (subject to availability)
  • Local Service Technicians
  • 24/7 Security from $9/week

*With $99 customer installation charge and purchase of alarm monitoring services.

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5 Reasons To Set Up An ADT Home Security System In Your Auburn WA Home Today

With the amount of crime that continues to occur nationwide, one industry that is booming in the troubling economy is home security businesses. Instead of wasting your time trying to decipher one company from the next, stay safe at an affordable price with ADT security. Here are five reasons you will want to set up a home security system in your Auburn WA home with ADT home security.

1. Reasonably priced

Not everyone has the money these days to throw at an expensive home security system. There is no question it can become fairly expensive considering the job that it will do. Fortunately, ADT home security would rather see you safe than make a few extra dollars. This is by far the most reasonably priced company in the industry with burglar alarm monitoring prices starting as low as $1 per day.

2. Quality products

The problem many people have with purchasing a low priced product is they feel the quality will drop. That is not the case with this company as the price does not reflect the systems offered. You will find all of the latest pieces of technology to choose from with your systems. Instead of focusing strictly on burglary, you can purchase an alarm that may help protect you against fires, emergencies, and burglaries.

3. Monitoring service

What you will find with most home security companies is that they dish your monitoring service off to a third party. ADT security would rather help ensure you that you are taken care of being that you put your trust in them. There are trained employees watching over your home 24/7 in one of five monitoring centers. If anything were to happen, they are ready to respond and will do so in a prompt and professional manner.

4. Easy setup

There is no need to worry about ordering a system and waiting a month for it to be installed. There is no time to waste when it comes to installing a home security system. You will receive a fast and simple setup process to help protect your family immediately. All you have to do is find the right system for you and contact one of the local service technicians today.

5. The name

It is amazing what a name can do for people. People automatically recognize ADT just like they do McDonalds and Wal-Mart. Not only do “people” recognize the three letters of this home security company, but so do criminals. You will be amazed at what a simple window sticker or yard sign can do to deter criminals from even considering breaking into your Auburn home.

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